Jupiter Foods

A small, pop and pop market approached M Seth Design to create the logo for their ground-up venture. Updating aspects of wartime WPA art, five-and-dime graphics, and integrating god/planet aspects was the challenge for this logo. They ended up with a male and female farmer gods. 

Lacamas consulting

Lacamas is  geological consulting firm for underground construction. The logo uses earth strata and colors to subtly let clients know what they do. 


This small startup requested a refinement to their type logo and the addition of an icon. We ended up with a Lego-like piece. 

San Francisco Bicycle coalition

Prior to this logo design, SFBC was a scrappy little non-profit. They came to M Seth Design to give them a reputable look, while still showing some aspects of revolution. It's been in use for over 20 years on the streets of San Francisco, and now the group has a huge part in determining city transportation policy; 

Hot cookie bakery

This logo has been part of the Castro visual scape for many years. Designed to be legible a block away, with hot colors and simple typography. It adapts to many usages, including briefs, neon, and t-shirts. 



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